Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Choose a Tummy Tuck Surgeon

A tummy tuck could be the ideal way to transform your body and to take back some of the youthful appearance you are craving. After having a baby, losing a lot of weight, or having other surgical procedures, the abdomen often looks bad. You may have sagging skin in this area or a pouch of excess fatty tissue that just will not go away no matter what you do to try to make it possible. The good news is that a surgeon can help you to fix the problem for good. Finding the right one makes a big difference.

Experience Matters

Perhaps the biggest factor to consider when selecting a surgeon for your tummy tuck is whether the professional has the level of experience you feel comfortable with in a doctor. In most cases, the best providers have three to five years of surgical skill and a solid reputation for providing great work. Most of the time, the professional will be board certified. He or she may have a good amount of surgical experience, but you also want to ensure that experience includes this specific procedure.

Education Is a Must

It is not possible for someone to be trained and licensed in the United States to perform this procedure without first having extensive education. That usually includes at least five years of surgical training. Two of those years, at least, should be in plastic surgery. Additionally, most doctors learn how to perform a vast number of procedures on various parts of the body. You will want to know the surgeon has specific training on this type of procedure.

What Else to Look For

When comparing doctors, do some research. Look at before and after shots of the doctor's work. Do you notice scarring? Can you tell the individual had work done? You also want to know the doctor never works in anything but an accredited medical facility. He or she should also maintain a strict code of ethics. This may be present in his or her membership to various boards including the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If the doctor is from out of the country, learn about his or her training and experience in that area as well.

A tummy tuck is a permanent process. There is no way to go back once it is done. The skilled hands of a plastic surgeon can make all of the difference in the long run. Before you even go in for a consultation, know who your doctor is, what his or her specialties include and what type of reputation he or she has. It really can make all of the difference in your success with this procedure and it is easy to check out beforehand.


  1. I just lost a lot of weight and now my abdomen looks really bad...I think a tummy tuck procedure would be the perfect solution for my problem. But, I have to find a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in order to get fantastic results! I hope I'll be a good candidate for this treatment! Wish me luck!:)

  2. Absolutely! particularly in a heavy individual with previous Tummy tuck surgery. One must know what they are doing and where the tip of the cannula is at all times.

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