Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Do You Fix Foul Smelling Flatulence?

Recently one friend was fired from his job. Why? Because his co-workers repeatedly complained about his foul flatulence. Getting fired because of flatulence? It sounds extreme, but happens.
People with excessive flatulence don't socialize. They become hermits and can't sustain relationships. They are harassed and many times terrorized. They have to go through a lot of psychological trauma.
Are you suffering from excessive foul-smelling gas? Is it disrupting your normal life? If so, there is a solution for the problem. There is definitely hope for you.
Nobody talks about flatulence except through the satirical humor. Apparently it has been a source of humor for more than two thousand years. Flatulence jokes dating back to 500 BC have been found. People have suffered through the ages because of their flatulence.
You may wonder, what is the solution? Let's set the correct expectations to begin with. You cannot completely get rid of flatulence. It is not possible.
The flatulence is a byproduct of a very beneficial process that goes inside our body. You cannot stop this process. You have to approach this problem with a mindset that you cannot completely avoid passing gas.
You can not stop passing gas, but you can definitely greatly reduce passing foul smelling gas. That way, you can greatly improve your situation. You can take several steps that will significantly reduce frequent and excessive foul-smelling gas. You can manage this problem and significantly improve the quality of your life.
Let me give you a high level idea why you cannot completely stop passing gas. Our digestive system cannot process some food components like plant cellulose. If you eat like any normal human being, you are bound to eat plant cellulose. It is everywhere. This is where good bacteria in the large intestine come into play. They help break down plant cellulose. That way, we don't lose nutrition.
These good bacteria help extract very vital nutrients from the plant cellulose. On top of that, good bacteria help kill bad bacteria. They also help improve immune system.
What does this mean for your flatulence problem? Here is the key. In a normal functioning healthy digestive system with bacterial colonies, you don't pass excessive foul-smelling gas.
Usually an imbalance in the digestive system causes the excessive bad-smelling gas. There are several different conditions which could cause such imbalance.
It could be lack of digestive hormones. It could be a fungal infection. It could be excessive consumption of specific foods. Or it could be use of medicine.
These factors are known to cause imbalance in the type and amount of bacteria you have in your large intestine. Some of these factors could also cause bacteria to produce large amount of certain gases, which are otherwise produced in very small quantities.
If you can rule out all different conditions which could cause an imbalance in the digestive system, you can eliminate the problem of the excessive foul-smelling gas.
You follow a step by step process. You work on one condition at a time and you find out whether that condition is the one causing your problem.
You first rule out hormone deficiency. You then rule out the imbalance in bacterial flora. Next you make sure you don't have a fungal infection. Lastly you find out if you are sensitive to a specific food.
Most of you will be able to narrow down your problems to one or more combinations of these factors. Once you find causes, there are remedial steps you can take to address the cause.