Monday, November 5, 2012

Ways to Personalise a Rise and Recliner Chair

The benefits of owning a rise and recliner chair are well-known as a way in which to support our bodies, limiting muscle aches and pains as well as being a comfortable addition to any living room. The number of illnesses that can become significantly less of a pain with the help of reclining chairs is huge, but nobody wants to look at a chair as simply a clinical solution, it should also be a stylish chair that fits into the decor of your room. Many rise and recliner chair providers have a number of ways in which you can personalise your chair.
Firstly, there are a vast amount of chairs that you can pick from. Each chair has its own particular features, for instance a waterfall style back allows for 3 individual back cushions, some have larger head cushions for a more comfortable feel in that particular area, or you can go for a traditional button back cushion for that timeless-classic look. This is the first opportunity for you to personalise your chair as these are its fundamental designs.
The next step is where the fun really begins! Choosing accessories and material for your chair is where you can really let your personality shine through. These kinds of chair are available in hundreds of different leathers and fabrics, so you can pick whatever material or colour would go best with your living room and fit in with the rest of the decor.
One of the great additions that you can add to rise and recliner chairs is a massage system. The ultimate comfort lies in a massaging chair, and a massage system can really help those aches and pains feel much better, particularly when it focuses on a specific area of the body.
Another technological advancement that is available with some rise and recliner chairs is a full hazard sensor strip. These strips can be fitted around the bottom of the chair, and the moment that a hazard is spotted, such as a reckless pet cat, the motor of the chair will immediately stop and it will then reverse a short distance. This could certainly prevent a few unfortunate accidents from happening!
A little extra that can add the finishing touch to a chair is a head cover or arm covers. These can be matched to the material and colour of your armchair, keeping these parts of the chair in pristine condition as well as adding that stylish look and feel to your reclining chair.

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